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differentiating the workplace of yours from the workplace of your workplace's

After several conflicts among python packages, migrations from databases to databases, and messes of staled scripts and abandoned services thrown and appearing everywhere, I finnally realize that my workplace is nothing more than an interface interacting directly with me myself. Anything other than that belongs to the workplace of my workplace, which ought to be pluginable, isolated, and in centralized managament.

Take nginx as an example. When I develop something related to nginx I would edit the nginx.conf file and start nginx service. In this situation only nginx.conf is what I really care about. So nginx.conf file itself and my editor vim are in my workplace here. In the meantime nginx is only a service for testing purpose running underground, which I regard as a component of the workplace of my workplace. Therefor nginx should be abstracted from my workplace and placed in containers like docker.

manage the workplace of the workplace's with containers

Mentioned as above, I use docker to manage all services standalone or composed like postgresql, redis, openresty, django with mongodb, telegraf with kafka, etc. When I want to use the client tools of some servers I'll still use docker to run a container to achieve it.

But it is not flexible to build images again and again if the reliances of your runtime like python changes frequently. To deal with this problem I use vagrant with 3 DIYed boxes which I can modify easily at anytime to maintain the environments for python, go and node respectively. So that I can compile and run the programme in the specific virtual machine out of my host environment after coding in shared folders.

the workplace of mine is now left neat and tidy

After identifying and migrating the components of the workplace of my workplace, what I really installed is only:

  1. tools I use directly like homebrew, git, and vim;
  2. docker and vagrant to put this system into practise.

what else can I benefit from this

TODO: After uploading all the Vagrantfiles and docker-compose.yamls to cloud storages like OneDriver (can be encrypted with encFS) one can got a consistent environment on different computers (and different operating systems).


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