Procrastination is about managing emotions, not time

The task we're putting off is making us feel bad.

Feeling bad increases our inclination to procrastinate if enjoyable activities are available as a distraction which we believe able to change our moods while it actually leads to guilt and ultimately compounds the initial stress.

So the correct way is to accept your bad feelings and commit a simple next step towards your task.

How to stop procrastinating by using the Fogg Behavior Model

the Fogg Behavior Model: Behavior = Motivation + Ability + Trigger

  • Build Motivation: add personal, meaningful reasons to the tasks that you put off (like OKR?). Make yourself remember why you took them on.
  • Break the difficulty task down by focusing on small steps. Make a timeline schedule from the due date back to now day by day (Milestone?).
  • Define a specific task to do, at a specific place, at a specific moment in time - and make sure you can't miss the cue.

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